Tribal Bands

Date of launch:
Spring 2013

Planetarium Games


As part of the Planetarium Games Team, my duties consisted of making everything graphic-related to our games, from the concept art of characters and backgrounds to the logotype, web design and UI. This was a very graphic oriented which made me a very happy man.

Next you can see a few of the concepts I developed for Tribal Bands:

Tribal Cities

The in-game world consisted of six different regions and a central city; of all these only four regions were developed into full-fledged cities. Each city had its own race or “tribe” and a theme according to it, but all of them shared the same type of building with the same function for each one (e.g. a recording studio, a music shop, a concert hall, etc). Of course, each one had its own customized name according to the city theme.

Musical Bosses

After training and improving your band you battled three mini-bosses (based on real life celebrities) and one final boss (original creations) before moving to the next city. This was probably where I had the most fun.

Music Tribes


Tribal Bands Races

As stated, we had six different races or “tribes”: Cats, Zombies, Vikings, Aliens, Robots and Skeletons. Each player could customize each tribe with two genders, a variety of clothing, hairstyles and faces, as well as assign them a musical instrument like guitar, drums, synthesizer, etc. My main goal with this was to differentiate each race with a different shape, so the vikings were muscular, the aliens round, the robots square and so on.

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