Road to Glory

Date of launch:
Fall 2013

Planetarium Games


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As part of the Planetarium Games Team, my duties consisted of making everything graphic-related to our games, from the concept art of characters and backgrounds to web design and UI. Road to Glory was made with a partnership between Planetarium Games, One Base and S.L.Benfica.

And important note in this case is that I did NOT design the logotype, it was made by the in-house design team of S.L.Benfica sports club. Next you can see the website pages and promos that I did design:

Promotional Images

The game itself is all in portuguese, since the main market is Portugal, so all the promos had to be in the same language.

Landing Page

The landing page rotates images with the features of the game. It also includes a section to login or to register if you’re a newcomer.

City Page

The two main cities works as a menu system, where you could click on each selected buildings like the Stadium, the Shopping Mall or the Hall of Fame to navigate through the game. Each city was built in Photoshop with a mixture of photography, 3D models and illustrations.

StadiumStadium Page

The most important page, where the games against the contrary team are held. You could see the line-up and access the classification system and calendar.


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