Puzzle Force

Date of launch:
Never released

Planetarium Games


As part of the Planetarium Games Team, my duties consisted of making everything graphic-related to our games, from the concept art of characters and backgrounds to the logotype, web design and UI. This was one of the projects I was the most excited to work on (for obvious and super-heroic reasons), but before I could advance too much in it, it became cancelled.

Full of potential, besides doing the graphics, design and characters, I was also deeply involved in the backstory of each of the characters, as well in the main storyline. Check out a few of the works that I did:

Main Characters

Learning from previous game where we tried to do too much at the beginning, we narrowed the main characters to only three and worked from there. The story itself was full of comic book cliches but also with a few plot twists and original ideas. The main three characters consisted of Paragon (a Superman archetype: powerful and noble with gravity-altering powers), Hotblood (a Punisher archetype: An angry, gun-toting, street-smart regular man) and Arashi (a Batman/Wolverine archetype: A dark sword-wielding samurai with a healing factor and a mysterious identity).

Enemies and Minions

Due to the game being cancelled I only got to finish Arashi’s main enemies and minions that were going to be featured in her main storyline.

Main Screen & Battle Puzzle

Main Page

This was the main screen of the game, after login. It featured a world map where the player could choose the character they wanted to play as, different main storyline missions, character story mission and side missions to clear and the usual gameplay buttons.

Battle Puzzle

This was the battle puzzle page. After selecting a mission and brief description of the story, the player entered a battle against the current enemy. The puzzle used a basic match-3 mechanic, which gave power to the characters’ moves.


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