May  2014

This is a piece that celebrates all that is good magic in the disney universes. Ranging from deceased fathers, to magical fairys, from gods and wizards to genies and forces of nature. All lending their force to our little hero against an attack to disney castle.

This is definitely my biggest work to date, with more than 15 characters on a single piece and each and everyone of them separate from the other. So my philosophy behind this is, I see that everybody draws the princesses and the villains and that’s all very good but why not give some very well deserved love to the magical creatures that actually help our heroes and heroines to make their dreams come true.

I decided to stick to the the original characters own design and drawing style and unite them under a coloring style.

One rule I had was to NOT include the titular character(s) or protagonists, that’s why there is no Elsa or, to some extent, Pocahontas or Ariel.

Here are some close-ups that I really like:

Also, check out my process on making this work:

I started with a rough sketch with pencils which then I scanned to Photoshop to do a basic color test. Then I cleaned the sketch and inked it digitally. Finally I painted the basic color blocks and worked from there.

Disclaimer: All of these amazing characters belong to the Walt Disney Company.

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