Date of launch:
Fall 2012

Planetarium Games


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As part of the Planetarium Games Team, my duties consisted of making everything graphic-related to our games, from the concept art of characters and backgrounds to the logotype, web design and UI. This was the very first project I made with them and I think it shows, but still, I believe it tells how much I have improved.

Next you can see a few of the features I worked on for Bitclubs:

Bitclubs Logotype

Bitclubs Logotype Variations

Sports & City Levels

In Bitclubs, the player becomes a president of a sports club, where he can chose a variety of sports, including football, basketball, F1 racing, handball, ice hockey, rugby and volleyball, and build a sport city. Each building was independent from the other, which meant that you could have a Level 1 Stadium, a Level 2 Shopping Mall and a Level 3 Casino, and so on. As an update, we also implemented a night version.


You could also choose an assistant, which worked as the person guiding you through the tutorials and giving you notifications about the status of your game, guided you through the game story and gave you gameplay tricks.

Character Customization

Presidents Customization System

Presidents Customization System

Like a lot of the games we made, we included a customization system where the player can chose the gender of their character, as well as a variety of hairstyles and colors, a well as facial features.

Next, here a couple of screenshots depicting the UI and web design I did for both the landing and the main page:

Landing Login Page

Landing Login Page

Main Homepage

Main Homepage

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